Below are helpful resources and links to other sites with tools, articles, and information to help you with running, cross-training, planning, and injury prevention, among other topics.
Let us know if you have a favorite resource we might include.

Find Local Races/Events

This link is for RunningInTheUSA.  Just click on NJ or NY etc and you're on your way--see what's up next, click on a particular distance or month etc.

Map My Run

We recommend changing your routes to address imbalance and boredom (and to be outside as much as possible :)  Punch in your zip code and create a new route using maps/satellite. Go walk and run.

Nick's Complete Running Coaching

Our good friend, runner, and coach, Nick Joannidis, produces this thoughtful blog full of information and inspiration for runners.  Look him up if you're seeking a coach to grow in your running :)

FinKraft Endurance Sports Coaching

Local multi-sport coach and accomplished athlete Roger Aspholm can offer guidance here.

Ridgewood Tri Athlete Coaching & Club

Also local to us, Chris and Elizabeth Kaplanis are top multi-sport coaches and athletes who can help you reach your goals.  Reach out to them here.

Ultimate Track & Field Training

Local to us track and field training to help young athletes excel and prepare for their specific events and goals.

Best Foot Forward:

A blog by our friend and great sports-med doc, Robert Conenello, D.P.M., who offers sports medicine advice on fitness, foot care, and training for athletes of all ages.

Discounted Travel To Your Race

A running mate's company that might help you with discounted travel tickets to your next race or active adventure.